My name is Michał Więckowicz – I am an independent wine expert eager to share wine-related knowledge and expertise. I provide professional training, business advisory and consulting services for your wine and HoReCa business. I create unique and original wine programs for restaurants, conduct sommelier training for frontline staff, and run innovative workshops and business events with wine. I also help to establish long term and fruitful business relations with wine producers, importers and distributors. I hold a PhD degree in fermentation and have graduated the WSET London Wine & Spirit School Advanced Level training with distinction.

me wine.

Wine Coach

Wine lists.

I create innovative and original wine lists, based on unique products that are not available in the shop around the corner or your friend’s restaurant – demonstrate your competitive advantage with your wine list and leave your bland and predictable competition behind. There is a plethora of wines on the market – let me choose the best ones for your restaurant and let’s make your guests happy. Not sure how to contact and deal with wine producers, importers and distributors? Let me do the job, and be sure I will work in your best interest. The criteria of finding good quality wine products are objective and I know how to focus on quality. Perhaps your Chef needs a custom-made wine list that will support his personal creative style? I create made-to-measure wine programs that will be in full conformity with the style and quality of your cuisine and always up-to-date.

Wine Coach


I conduct professional sommelier training for your frontline staff and run wine knowledge courses covering different levels of wine proficiency – I will make your wine service competent and dependable. I also provide custom-made on-site product training, based on your current wine offer – I can help your frontline staff get familiar and confident with wines they are dealing on an everyday basis. I am also offering supplementary training for wine shops staff – I can make your personnel reliable and self-confident, and your clients leave your shop with satisfaction. I am using interactive training tools, creating a thorough sensory experience.


I am conducting interactive wine workshops, not available anywhere else on the market. Learn about your gustatory preferences on my wine sensory assessment workshops. Because everyone has a different threshold of sensitivity to sensory stimuli, it is important to know what are your personal wine preferences and sensitivities. Feel free to communicate what you love and what you hate in wine, but get to know those things first! During my food matching workshops you will learn how to avoid a sensory disaster when matching wine with food. Bored with knowing all the perfect combinations by heart? Then understand what are the basic interactions between food and wine components, textures and aromatics and never miss the ideal match. On my wine olfactory workshops you will experience how wine and perfume go together – floral, fruity, woody or balsamic notes – these characteristics are all common for wine and perfume. See what goes with what and have fun with your olfactory bulb.
I am also cooperating with excellent Chefs in running pop-up, guerilla-like food and wine tasting events held in the rather not-obvious city spaces.